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PUTECH Co., Ltd, the Korean Manufacturing company behind the brands of Jellymom & Sage NewYork, is engaged in planning, developing, designing and manufacturing baby and safety products using high performance polyurethane technology since 2004.PUTECH is currently ranked among the 10th largest Korean baby product manufacturers. The brand has gained various awards and titles in the baby goods industry such as the ISO Certified and CE Marking.



In addition to obtaining international certifications, PUTECH, a company that puts baby’s safety a priority was awarded Best Management of Children’s Goods by the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute under Minister of Environment Korea.

Jellymom Baby Chairs are loved by Korean moms. It ranks number 1 in terms of sales of baby chairs across South Korea. In fact, it recently received the Baby Item (Baby Seat) Brand Preference Award for 2017 making it Korea’s No.1 baby seat brand.
PUTECH is leading  in the manufacturing baby products industry in Korea.  The company adheres to strict quality standards, conducts regular strict environmental safety product tests through accredited agencies for safe manufacturing of baby items in terms of 0% environmental hormones and ensure that products are 100% free from harm.
Because of its popularity in South Korea, Jellymom  chairs are being exported to other Asian countries (Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines), Saudi Arabia and New Zealand.

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  • I am a first time mom of 2 months old and I am so excited to buy a seat for my baby which she will use when she reaches 3 months old. When I found out about Jellymom Premium Baby seat, I immediately feel in love with it because of its structure, durable and well made. I honestly think that it is a good investment because it really grows with your child and can be customised for use from ages 3 months to 5 years old (definitely will last through the years). I’d love that it is an ergonomic design, has 5-point safety harness and it’s REALLY SAFE for my baby. It’s also amazing that it has an antibacterial soft seat and stable structure. The removable headrest will give my baby’s delicate neck and head more support. From 6 to 12 months, I can use on the removable tray during meal times and when her age progresses (2 to 5 years old), I can use the soft cushion and turn the seat into a booster seat at the dining table.

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