Mom's Smart Choice, Jellymom Premium Wise Chair

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There's nothing that makes a parent's heart glow with love than to see his child's milestones in life. From the time he first rolled over to the first time he gave out his sweet laugh, these moments remain in your memory forever.

Jellymom Wise Chair is Korea's No. 1 Babyseat brand. What makes our product so well-loved is how we ensure that one single chair adapts to the changes and development of your child. Built with interchangeable seat cushions and removable tray or headrest, this may be used by your child from infanthood (3 months old) all the way to his toddler stage and beyond (5 years old).


Need a little bit more convincing?

Here are 6 reasons why you and your child will love Jellymom Wise Chair:


#1 Posture-friendly : The chair has an ergonomic design which promotes good sitting posture starting at a very young age. With a cushioned seat supporting the crotch area, there's also a back support for younger children too.


#2 Safe: There's a built-in seatbelt to avoid sudden falls. Our Y-safety belt keeps baby buckled in the chair and it's easily adjustable to be attached to any chair.


#3 Portable: Take your Jellymom Wise Chair with you anytime, anywhere. It's light and easy to carry with built in handles and optional carrying bag.


#4 Clean: The material can easily be wiped with a damp cloth and the cushions are made with antibacterial properties too.



 #5 Functional: Aside from the interchangeable seat cushions and convertible headrest to tray table. The Jellymom Wise Chair can be the attached to the Premium Cart and it transforms it into a push/pull around toy to play with siblings and adults. What’s more, your child can use it as a walking assistant!



#6 Grows with your child: There are 4 different ways to set the chair up to perfectly suit your child's sitting capabilities. From being a Jumbo Chair for infants to a Weaning Chair to a Booster Chair and a High Chair for younger children. One chair, suits all!


There are 8 attractive colors to choose from: Bluish Green, Scarlet Pink, Muted Gray, Lala Blossom, Sage Teak, Turkey Blue, Galaxy Charcoal and Ultra Violet . Each child can have his own Jellymom Wise Chair in his chosen color.

Still got some questions needed to be answered? Leave us a comment below or you may check out this video to know more about our product: (Click here to watch YouTube Video)

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